bully_banner_engWho can become a Block Parent® ?
Anyone over the age of 18 years who has successfully passed the screening process done by Police.

Volunteers can be single, married, divorced and may work outside the home.
They do not have to have children and seniors make great Block Parents.
Applicants are screened following the Block Parent® Program of Canada’s Safe Steps Screening Process which is based on Volunteer Canada’s Safe Steps Screening Program

-includes a police records check
-all members of the household over 12 years of age are screened  applicants may be: single or married with or without children  employed full or part time.

Is there much work involved?
NO! It will not alter your life style or make demands on your time. When you are “available” (which means you are home and able to answer the door to someone requiring assistance), simply display the sign in a window visible from the street. If a child is bothered by a stranger or a bully, is sick, hurt or lost, he knows that when he sees the sign a “SAFE ADULT” is there to offer help.

Is there really a need for the Block Parent® home?
YES! Today’s society is so mobile that children can no longer rely on their extended family. Most parents don’t even know their neighbours well enough to trust them with their children. Block Parents are there to help should the need arise.

Who can use Block Parent® homes?
Anyone in distress, including children, teens, women and seniors.

Do I have to let strangers into my home?
NO – you do not have to let anyone into your home if you think it may threaten you or your family. Information can be exchanged through a locked door if necessary and the necessary telephone call made.

– offer their home as a place of immediate safety
– assist by telephoning the appropriate emergency service (police,      fire, ambulance, etc.) or a family member when necessary
– provide food, drink, first aid, toilet facilities, transportation
– leave their home to break up a fight
– open their door to anyone if they feel uneasy about the situation