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Global News and Billy Shields spent some time at the Official Launch Party of The Pointe-Claire Block Parent program on April 26th. They interviewed Tara Stainforth, spoke with members of Parliament, and talked to the families who were attending. Judging by the happy faces, the number of parked cars spilling onto the adjoining streets, and the potential new Block Parents who signed up; the party was a HUGE success! Thanks to Global and Billy Shields for coming out and documenting it. Watch the video here!

Merci à Mariève Paradis et Planète F pour l’article! Consultez l’article complet en cliquant ici.

Shuyee Lee from CJAD posted about Block Parent Pointe Claire and the launch party on April 26th.  Read the article here.

Check us out in the Suburban! Full page spread on page 13. Thank you Jim Morrison!


Block Parent Pointe-Claire were happy to speak with Cheryl Cornacchia from The Montreal Gazette. Full story here


Tara and Christine were thrilled to be featured on CTV News. Check out the video below!



Christine and Tara spoke with Jim Morrison of the Examiner about the resurgence of Block Parents and the upcoming launch party. Read the story here.

Montreal Families

Montreal Families spoke with Tara Stainforth about her and the other committee members bringing Block Parent back to Pointe Claire after a 20 year absence. Read the article here.

« Parents-Secours renaît à Pointe-Claire ». Lire l’article au complet.


Block Parent program making comeback in Pointe-Claire. Richard Deschamps interviewed Block Parent Pointe-Claire President Tara Stainforth about the launch and recruiting volunteers. Read the story here


Block Parent Pointe-Claire president Tara Stainforth spoke with The West Island’s Chronicle March 26th about the return of the program to Pointe-Claire. Read the full interview here


News of the launch is reaching far and wide! Link here


Block Parent Pointe-Claire president Tara Stainforth did a great job on Montreal Daybreak with Mike Finnerty this morning! Listen to the broadcast below:


The reintroduction of the Block Parent program to Montreal’s West Island.
Read the full article here.